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What is your favorite winery?

Yes, I do get asked that ALL the time.  :)  While I won't give specific winery names here, what I can say is that any of the wineries included in your personalized itinerary have been vetted and are places that I'm excited to share with you.  For me, wine is an emotional experience and a favorite spot has a lot to do with my mood or what I'm looking for that particular day.  I want to feel a part of something bigger than myself, taste delicious wine and food, share meaningful conversation and yes, at times, feel spoiled.  I want a bit of an escape and a blank canvas to create new memories to cherish.  The people, stories, locations, hospitality and the delicious wines at the tasting rooms we'll visit together will hold all of that for you...and more. Why? Because the day will include YOU! Come with me and discover YOUR OWN favorite(s).  You'll see, when people ask you what was your favorite, you might find it hard to answer that question too!

What's Included in a Serendipity Wine Tour?

  • Concierge services & planning

  • Laison with wineries

  • Guest door-to-door service

  • Clean, comfortable, newer model vehicles

  • Personal guide & Oregon hospitality

  • Complimentary chilled water

  • Insulated wine bag for vehicle

  • Care-free enjoyment

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