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My "Word For The Year" and my first-ever E-newsletter. Come take a peek!

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

-- Angela Schwindt

Oh what we can learn from children. Their cute little chubby legs should lead the way sometimes. I just love the moment this photo captured. Just look at this brave little one, full of palpable excitement, reaching, stretching, discovering new abilities and going new places. Also notice how all of this is happening while leaning on the support and strength surrounding her. Feels like whoever took this picture was also looking right at me.

It's a moment we can all relate to when all the "new things" find us and we feel like a child all over again. Speaking of this, do you want to know my word for the year? (Would love to know if any of you do this as well.) During our yearly family retreat, one of the focuses is individual words. So my word for the year was "Childlike." Seems so far back yet right in front of me at the same time. So I dug a little deeper. What did becoming like a child mean to me? I think of characteristics like filled with wonder and joy, love of learning, finding play, quick to trust, share and easily make friends and most of Beautiful traits all hard-wired into children. With a word like that, it's gonna be a fun ride! (Picture me at the top of a roller coaster with my arms in the air.)

Enter Serendipity! The playful word that sets the tone for another baby-step I'm taking: Serendipity Wine Tours. This tour business is a dream. I am what Marie Forleo refers to as a "multi-passionate, big-hearted entrepreneur" and this wine tour business is the perfect canvas to express my love for people, my value for connection and play, my drive to make a difference and my appreciation for beauty and excellence. When you take a tour with me, you get all of that (and maybe a box of chocolates). ;)

Serendipitous News

Guess what's coming April 21st? It's Administrative Professional's Day and I'm all for it! As some of you who know me may remember, I held some type of Administrative role pretty much since high school and now that I'm opening my own business, I would love to honor all the hard work our Administrative Professionals do Every. Single. Day. So do you know what else April 21st is? It's Serendipity Wine Tour's very first WINE TOUR GIVEAWAY (#admindaytourgiveaway). That's right! You heard it here first. More details to follow so stay tuned. And remember, follow us on Instagram and subscribe below for updates!

Vision Board

“What if your Vision Board came true?”

Here is where you will find updates on what's "in the works" here at Serendipity Wine Tours. Currently, two things I'm working toward creating in this next year: becoming a Certified B Corp and founding a Wine Tourism Collective that mirrors the collaborative spirit of our amazing Willamette Valley wine industry pioneers.

Curiosity Corner

Did you know the Willamette Valley used to be filled with floodwaters from Lake Missoula in Montana and that the "resulting lake" was referred to as Lake Allison?

Rick Thompson spent over 3 years painstakingly tracing the water levels to make this Lake Allison Map.


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